On the BBC

On the BBC is an experiment that provides up-to-date twitter alerts for BBC radio and TV channels.

It's a small Ruby script that glues the BBC's listings information to Twitter's API.

It currently provides streams for the following BBC channels:

Although the plan is to expand to all the BBC channels in the near future (I think we're now just missing the children's channels CBBC and CBeebies).

As well as covering all the channels, we also plan to enable a simple search feature so that you will be able to subscribe to a single programme, or even a set of keywords, and only be notified when they appear in the listings.

We hope you find it useful. If you want updates as we improve the system, follow @onthebbc.


The total number of people following one of the On The BBC streams has been growing steadily for the 2 months it's been running. Weirdly steadily in fact:

It's satisfying to see the service being used like this.